Teams Participating

Deephried_Shwifty – Shwifty/deephriedchips
Masters of Drunkedness РFuzzy/Spuddy
Clinical Proven – Vertexini
Chaos Gaming – TPD/ Chaos_NJ
Mellow eSports – Hamburger/Pronoob
Nianfebra Р Nianfo/cPZ
Git Gud Booi – Mooiaapie/Supervan
Need Boost! – Samurai_yus/Bayonet
Zac Efron – Magoo/Timmy_JS
Wagmeisters – Grinchmeister/Wagter
Dangerkids – mOther/1Perry
Roblox – NoClip/Lazy
Counter League Rocket Offensive – Lorenzo(AboveAverage)/Obesepanc4ke
PANFERS – thenic/Arson
ProScrubs – agent47/simlinho(AtlaZ)

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