RLX’s 6-Mans KotH Announcement

dfthaman, Co-owner of RLX

As you may have noticed, we have held two 6-Mans events with prize pools in the last month, proudly brought to you by Link. As teased before, we are now announcing that those two events are forming part of something bigger – the first-ever RLX King of the Hill (KotH) tournament!

To spice things up a bit, we will hold two more 6-Mans events where not only will the teams be randomised, but instead of invitations, we will also randomly select 6 players for each event from our database of registered players (you can sign up here). After these two events, we will have had 4 events with 4 winning teams – a total of 12 players on the winning side. These special 12 will then be invited to the RLX KotH Grand Finals where they will be randomised into their respective teams, Team Biltong or Team Droëwors, where only one team can prevail to take top honours!

The next event will be held on Saturday 5 May 2018 at 8PM. This epic Best Of 7 series will once again be broadcasted on our Twitch and Youtube channels (where you can also check out our previous events). Gather your friends and find out who will be the third batch of 3 players to qualify for the RLX KotH Grand Finals.

The RLX 6-Mans KotH tournament is proudly brought to you by Link, a great app (iOS & Google Play) with which you can play a crucial role in your community by reporting service delivery issues and safety-related incidents through your local ward and safety channels.