High-level gameplay, streaming, and casting. All South African. What more could you ask for?


Co-owner of RLX

Recently we have arranged three highly successful 6-Mans series in a week and a half.

All three were streamed and because of the overwhelming positive support from this awesome community we will be doing more of these in the future!

Part 1 – The part that started it all

Our first 6-Mans series was held on 22 July 2017. After someone said on Discord that the community must arrange a 6-Mans series, Luke and I took the initiative arranging one and inviting players to play in a best of seven (B07) series in random teams. The players were myself, Luke, Superman, Grinchmeister, Mooiapie, and thEN!c. We first warmed up with one game of Dropshot, then one game of regular Soccar, and after that Luke randomised the players into two teams of 3, and we put each team in a separate voice party in Discord.

It was a lot of fun. Horndog_SA was kind enough to stream this but unfortunately we couldn’t find someone to cast the games this particular evening.

The BO7 starts at 38:41.

Part 2 – High-level

On 22 July, Luke and I decided to try our hand at casting while Horndog_SA streamed for us. We had arranged a stellar line-up with some of the best players South Africa has to offer – Nianfo, NoClip, mOTHER, Papa_Capes, Grinchmeister, and Magoo.

The skills on showcase were astonishing and really showed what the South Africans are capable of.

We did make some changes after the previous 6-Mans:
– Luke had a bright idea to give some South African flavour to this series and the teams were now called “Biltong” (Blue) and Droëwors (Orange).
– We randomised the teams before the warm-up games, so that everyone could play in their respective teams and get a feel for each other’s playstyles before the actual BO7.

The casting and games start at 11:42.

Part 3 – Close one!

Our 3rd 6-Mans was presented by another PS4 streamer/casters trio. All 3 of RLX’s owners participated, albeit not on the same team.

The players: myself, Luke, CoolGuy, Timmy, Superman, and Sumo.
Casters: David_de_Freitas and I_am_NOOB.
Streamer: Horndog_SA

We really appreciated the support from people who watched this and who were also active in the chat during the games.

The games/casting start at 04:18.