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Another 6-Mans spectacle was held on 6 August 2017. This time PC players had a chance to show their talent in an exclusive event.

A special European guest caster, Jar of Jams, accompanied the well-known Elf_ZA in casting the nail-biting series.

Part 5 – PC-exclusive

The six players were Nianfo, nebby, BayonetXIII, thEN!c, Lay-Z, and cPZ. The game was streamed and casted by Elf_ZA, with guest caster Jar of Jams.

As per usual, the teams were randomly divided into two teams, Droëwors and Biltong.

This 6-Mans event was an extremely fun evening for all involved, with the players partaking in friendly banter, viewers going mental with copypastas, and Elf and Jar of Jams commentating on some exciting matches.

Jar of Jams also mentioned that he was impressed with the South-African players and that he would love to see more of our matches!

The BO7 begins at 28:47.

If you would like to take part in a 6-Mans series, please contact us!