Co-owner of RLX

In celebration of the launch of RLX, a 6-Mans series was held with a star-studded cast of players.

Elf_ZA and Ulturism were the casting talents for the series, providing excellent commentary as always.

Part 6 – RLX launch

The six players were Nianfo, The_Pro_Noob14, arSon, Lay-Z, NoClip and Magoo.

As per usual, the teams were randomly divided into two teams, Droëwors and Biltong.

It seemed as if Team Biltong has been playing together for years, pulling off sick passing play one after another. NoClip was especially potent with his offensive wall play, while Lay-Z was clinical as ever, finishing various opportunities for his team.

The MVP for the series was Lay-Z: look out for his interview at the end of the VOD. Lay-Z had the community in fits of laughter with his summary video of the 6-Mans, check it out here!

The stream starts at 13:24.
The BO7 begins at 35:04.

If you would like to take part in a 6-Mans series, please contact us!