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Rocket League Xpress (RLX) is a website established in 2017 by Daniel Luttig (dfthaman), Lucas Lombard (Luke) and Giulio Solito (Coolguy) dedicated to stimulating growth in the South African Rocket League community. We aim to provide regular tournaments to keep the players active, as well as news articles to keep everyone engaged and up to date of the local scene. With the support of the community, we arrange invitational 6-Mans series as well as several open tournaments, such as 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3. We also do player-interviews to make the community aware of different players and how they see the beautiful game of Rocket League, as well as provide regular tips in order to improve at the game. We also appreciate any donations. Once a donation goal is reached, indicated on the site, we arrange a special tournament with a prize pool.

Our Team


Co-owner | Writer | Organiser | Caster

Hi 🙂 My name is Daniel (some call me DF), and I am one of the co-owners of RLX. I am a video-game enthusiast, caster, blogger, movie fanatic, sport-lover, & debater. I play competitive Rocket League for the South African side, VxP | Elem3ntriX, which I am also the captain of.


Co-owner | Writer | Organiser | Caster

Hi My name is Lucas Lombard, the co-owner of RLX and vice-captain of the Rocket League team VxP | Elem3ntriX. I am extremely enthusiastic and passionate about gaming, sport, movies, books and chemical engineering.


Co-owner | Web Designer

Hi My name is Giulio, and I am one of the co-owners of RLX. I am a video-game enthusiast, been gaming since I was 5 when i first got the PS1. I now play competitive Rocket League for the South African side, Elasties Fantasties. I’m a self-employed web designer working from home. Been doing web design since I was 10 and still loving it!


Organiser | Caster | Coach

I enjoy gym, singing and I played club rugby and professional league rugby. I enjoy escaping with my gaming. Games that I dedicated time to is Rocket League and Battlefield 1. I was also number 16 in SA for rogue kills in The Division according to the tracker. I would like to become well-known within the country for my Rocket League skill and creativity. However, social gaming is still the super enjoyable for me e.g local splitscreen playing Tricky Towers, Trials and FIFA!


Caster | Streamer

I started playing Rocket League in July 2015, after seeing a Twitch stream and just thought it looked like fun. I currently play for one of South Africa’s top teams, VxP | Elem3ntriX (Rocket Éclair). I started casting in 2017 when I became involved in the community and trying to get more of the SA community to see and understand the passion in Rocket League. I am now a registered caster for VS Gaming and also casted for a European Organisation called Shift Pro League (SPL).



I have been passionate about gaming for most of my life. I started gaming at a very young age and is now, at the age of 38, determined and competitive as ever in being the best I can be. My pet peeve in gaming is players who cannot play a game honestly and fairly. I believe that a true gamer will play an honest game and if he/she loses will simply try harder next time to be better. My drive to win is always first on my list and but on a lighter note, I am full of fun and very loyal friend and good man to have on your side. I always have time to share a good laugh with teammates and will be a patient teacher to those who ask me to help them learn.


Caster | Streamer | Replay Analyst

Gamer, caster, purveyor of puns and general tech lover. Always up to meet new people and have new experiences.


Resident Memer | The Stats Guy

I’m a 25 year old caffeine dependent life form that spent his years developing 50 shades of dark circles underneath his eyes trying to git gud at video games and failing. Also I’m lazy so I never finish anythi


Writer | Proofreader

My name is Dane “Magoo” Carpenter and I am 23 years old. I founded and have been playing Rocket League for the team ‘red Neptune’ since January 2016. My passions include writing, gaming and technology, though I am enthusiastic about an abundance of hobbies from anime to cryptocurrencies to video editing. I have played an assortment of competitive gaming titles in South Africa, and have been a part of the ever-growing competitive scene for close to a decade. When I am not acting the fool, I am a calm and friendly person, and at least one out of every three of my jokes are funny.


Caster| Streamer | Top 5 Goals of the Week series

My name is Gavin Vogel, but I go by the nickname “Gavi-G”.
I started playing Rocket League socially in 2015. At the time I was streaming other games such as FIFA, GTA 5, BF4 and COD. I soon realised that Rocket League was becoming a very competitive game and requires a lot of game-time to improve skill & finesse. This led me into casting where I basically do live commentating on Rocket League games. I am now a caster and panellist for VS gaming and I just love getting involved with gamers in South Africa. I really enjoy how the gaming community is growing and bringing people closer.
I am a part-time DJ and work at VAS-X within the IT department.
Always remember, “keep your eye on the ball”. Gavi-G out.



Hi all, my name is Francois AKA “Inquisitor”. I am a member of the Twitch_ZA, Grind Kingz Gaming and Get_Rekt streaming communities.
I have a passion for games and broadcasting it. I’ve been playing Rocket League for the team uSo on a competitive level in the VS Gaming League. I mainly stream Rocket League gameplay, but find myself playing all kinds of other games as well.
Wow! Wow! Wow! What a Save!



thENic – Pronounced Theeee (like tree) Nic. My real name is Nico van Loggerenberg (quite the mouthful, I know), and I grew up in Bloemfontein.
Playing sports from a young age certainly has turned me into very competitive person, therefor Rocket League has been an extremely fresh take on my gaming career. As an old/ex PANFERS player (only the OGs will remember us), I made a lot of contacts with everyone in the South African Rocket League scene.
Playing in RLX tournies, my relationship with the RLX guys became stronger and I mentioned to dfthaman that I would actually love to cast sometime, even though I have never done it before. He gave me shot on one of the previous 6-Mans hosted, and it all went well, apparently! So here I am, ready to cast and really excited to be part of the RLX team.



My name is Luke Slater and I am 17 years old. I am currently playing for the Rocket League team NiBBLE Cubic which I am the captain of. I enjoy playing the drums and programming Java.



My name is Lorenzo aka Lopo or Mr_Low. I am currently a first year student with UNISA, studying a BSc in Applied Maths & Computer Science. Being raised in a family of gamers, I’ve grown to be quite passionate about gaming and have been playing all sorts since my nappy days. I started in Rocket League about 2 years ago but only really got into it towards the end of last year. At the moment I am playing for team Sirius, the first Rocket League team for Wolf Star Gaming. Since I grew up in a family known for their competitiveness, I’ve always strived to be the best at anything I do. I’ve found that there is never a limit to anyone’s potential, and that there is always room for improvement, no matter what you do. So I’m always open to advice or any constructive criticism thrown at me.

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