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RLX & RMGZ: South African Rocket League LAN – Review of 30 March 2019

You know that Rocket League as an esports title has arrived in South Africa when kids run to their favourite players to take photos with the real-life legends of the game they have become accustomed to seeing online. This is exactly what happened last month when the first LAN event of the calendar year for local Rocket League was held in Johannesburg, at the Nu Metro Gaming area in Emperor’s Palace.

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RLX & RMGZ: South African Rocket League LAN Tournament – Preview for 30 March 2019

Esports in South Africa is booming and this Saturday, 30 March 2019, earmarks the first live tournament (LAN) of the year for the local Rocket League calendar. This tournament is arranged and hosted by Raving Mad Gamerz (RMGZ), one of SA’s most ambitious tournament organisers, along with Rocket League Xpress, the only dedicated Rocket League initiative in the country who will be doing the commentary during the tournament.

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