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My name is Christian “mOTHER” Massyn. I play and captain South Africa’s current #1 Rocket League team, eXdee Gaming. I have participated in many competitive environments since the age of 4, including competitive rugby, tennis, hockey, golf and many others. I’ve been in the esports scene for roughly 8 years, starting out playing competitive Team Fortress 2, Call of Duty and in December of 2015, Rocket League.

My main focus has become Rocket League, achieving the Champion 2 rank in 2v2, 3v3 and Solo Standard. I focus on teaching players to be a good overall but also to be able to assist with attacking, midfield and defensive play. Being a captain of two major championship-winning teams for two years now, has also allowed me to share my experience with other players so I can assist in that aspect as well. My main role on my team is that of a defensive player, so I am able to give extensive assistance in this area.

I will use tools along with you and teach you how to use and implement these tools yourself, so you are able to keep learning and improving while I am not around. Our training will consist of a theoretical analysis plus me playing with you (and a teammate if you so choose) and helping you turn these theoretical strategies into actual gameplay.

I look forward to meeting you!


My name is Marcaille “Papa_Capes” Fransman. I played for one of the top competitive teams in South Africa – VxP|Elem3ntriX. I’ve got 5 years of experience coaching extra-mural activities. I’ve coached rugby at a high school level as well as coached kids and assisted developing skills from ages 4 – 18. I was also a player-coach for a professional Rugby League team.

My main focus is Rocket League. My highest rank achieved thus far is Champ 2 Division 3 in 3v3. I hate 1v1 because I enjoy being part of a team. There is so much additional skill required to successfully work well in a team-setting and thus my playstyle is extremely flexible and I also focus on making solid decisions.

My coaching strategy changes from player to player and team to team. Focusing on strengths and weaknesses are literally all coaching comes down to. Together you and I will identify, adapt, and overcome… It’s that simple. I will analyse replays too and then set out a guided training plan for us to follow. As WE then become a team… A coach is NO better or worse than anybody he coaches… Both parties learn from one another, and this is what guarantees success!


Hi, I’m Rick Thomas, better known as Elf_ZA.

Having coached a team for VS Gaming here and there during the 2017 season, I feel comfortable to accept a coaching role for RLX.

I have played for Rocket Éclair since the start of competitive Rocket League in South Africa, where we were also the number one seed for long. Recently, during the 2018 roster-shuffle, I got picked up by VxP | Elem3ntriX.

My highest rank thus far was Champion and I’m intent on pursuing an even higher level of play in the season to come.

I work at a school where I also do coaching for various sports and have good people skills which is important for a Rocket League coach.

A main focus for me is team players as I love the 3v3 format where rotation is key to success.

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