Giving credit to donators

RLX’s aim is to provide regular tournaments to keep the players active and grow the local South African Rocket League scene. We also appreciate any donations. Without donations we can’t have awesome prize pools for our tournaments. Once a donation goal is reached, indicated on the site, we arrange a special tournament with a prize pool. We want to thank everyone who has contributed in some way to help make our tournaments great. Here is a list of the donators:

List of Donators

  1. Morne Bester (Bayonet) – R1193.97
  2. Dane Carpenter (Magoo) – R455
  3. Stefano Batazzi (Nianfo) – R436.33
  4. Rick Thomas (Elf) – R200

Anonymous donations – R637.99


  • Iosif Vazirgiantzikis (Gingerbeard) for donating a training discount coupon from BadPanda.

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