RLX’s Guide to Rocket League in South Africa

dfthaman, Co-owner of RLX

Magoo, RLX Writer & Proofreader

Released almost four years ago, Rocket League and its developers, Psyonix, quickly gained a loyal fan base on Playstation. Ported over to PC, and much later Xbox and Switch, the cross-platform jet-powered car-soccer simulator has become a big hit amongst competitive and casual players alike. This is especially true in Southern Africa, where we’ve had to stick it out only on European servers, although that is no longer the case. Servers have made their way ashore and the local scene is flourishing (although we do still test our mettle on EU servers from time to time).

Entering a new gaming scene can be quite daunting at first – you don’t know the setup, the players, the organisations, or how to navigate through the maze that is competitive esports. But fear not! We have compiled a guide to help you to become a fully-fledged member of local Rocket League action.

Below we will be detailing how to become part of the community on the four respective gaming platforms on which Rocket League is available.

Rocket League South Africa have several local initiatives to help the scene grow.

First and foremost, if you have not yet joined the Rocket League South Africa (RLSA) Facebook group, you can click here and do it now. If you have not joined the RLSA Discord, you can do that here. There you will find ways to connect with local players, and find the ZARP-channel (originally created by Neil “Zoltan” Strydom & Che “Phenak” Maritz) to arrange games on local servers, as well get access to community-driven tournaments, such as the NCRL (non-competitive Rocket League) event organised by Herman “H4mburger” de Beer, and the Rocket League TV events. RLSA also has a centralised community calendar where tournament organisers can display their upcoming tournaments. The official hashtag, for all things South African Rocket League related, is #RLZA.

RLX has and will always be looking how to grow and improve the local Rocket League scene.

Rocket League Xpress (RLX) is a website established in 2017 by DF Luttig (dfthaman), Lucas Lombard (Heisenberg_Luke) and Giulio Solito (Coolguy6316) dedicated to stimulating growth in the South African Rocket League community. We aim to provide regular tournaments to keep the players active, as well as news articles to keep everyone engaged and up to date of the local scene. With the support of the community, we arrange invitational 6-Mans series as well as several open tournaments, such as 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3. We enjoy collaborating with other organisations as well to grow the scene collectively. We also do player-interviews to make the community aware of different players and how they see the beautiful game of Rocket League, as well as provide tips in order to improve at the game. We also appreciate any donations. Once a donation goal is reached, indicated on the site, we arrange a special tournament with a prize pool. We put our own personal resources and funds into making the website functional for everyone.

You can read more about us and what we do here; as well as find the wonderful people who assist us with everything.
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RMGZ is one of South Africa’s most ambitious and professional tournament organisers, aiming to get our players on international stages.

Raving Mad Gamerz (RMGZ) is a relatively new tournament organiser on the block, but that has not prevented them from already making deep footprints in the local esports scene. Owned by Hein “Zethanias” Labuschagne, and supported by his right-hand woman, René “Crematia” Venter, they are one of the most ambitious organisers currently in the business. They host a variety of gaming-titles, but have a specific love for the Rocket League community and as such they hosted their first LAN for the title in March 2019. They also host an online league system.

You can head over to their site and start signing up for their upcoming tournaments.

VS Gaming has for long been the go-to organisation for competitive esports in South Africa with their end-of-the-season LAN event a big incentive for players.

VS Gaming is one of South Africa’s biggest esport organisers. For Rocket League, they used to host a ladder and a league system where players competed in teams of 3 (excluding substitutes). Now they run cups that teams compete in over the course of the year, in order to qualify for the annual LAN event. VS Gaming always hosts one of the biggest LAN Championships every year in Johannesburg, with the first one hosted in 2017.

African Cyber Gaming League is one of SA’s premier esport organisations.

ACGL is one of South Africa’s premier esport organisations for Rocket League. Founded by Clint O’Shea and Nick Holden, ACGL hosts tournaments for a wide range of titles, from Overwatch to Injustice 2 to Rocket League. The ever-increasing popularity of ACGL is a result of their dedicated owners and staff members, who are listening to the player-base and catering to their needs.

They used to host weekly events for Rocket League, but now aims to host tournaments from time to time. Every month they publish a video of the top 5 plays of the month (for a variety of games) – players are encouraged to submit their best and funniest clips. Here are two videos where the authors of this article were featured – Magoo & dfthaman.

Dominus Gaming is a new website that hopes to make even more tournaments available to players.

Dominus Gaming is an initiative by Gareth “Gazoo” Macquet, to bring esports tournaments to local players and grow the scene. Although their focus is mostly on driving games such as Project Cars 2, Gazoo is also a Rocket League player for team iVe-Aerial Flops and consequently have a love for the Rocket League community.

Early Axes also hosts Rocket League tournaments from time to time

Early Axes consists of a passionate group of gamers and they also aim to grow the local gaming community. They host Rocket League tournaments from time to time, so keep an eye on their announcements.

Social Media:

Social media, content creation and building friendships are integral to build a proper gaming community.
[Image source: https://nerdeyesonly.com/category/nerd-tech/]

But whatever your choice of social media, there is a platform for you to get involved. Here are some noteworthy corners of the internet that you might want to check out:

Sickii_YT (Competitive player, Youtuber)
Twitter | YouTube

Elf_ ZA (Competitive player, Caster, Streamer)
Twitter | YouTube | Twitch  

SkillSteal (Competitive player, Streamer)
Twitter | YouTube | Twitch

Magoo (Competitive player, RLX Writer & Proofreader)
Twitter | Youtube

Slobbeh. (Competitive player, YouTuber)
Twitter | YouTube  

Inquisitor_ (Competitive player, Streamer)

wagter182 (Ex-competitive player, Freestyler)

H4mburger (Competitive player, Streamer)
YouTube | Twitch

Hovering Banana (YouTuber/trader)
Twitter | Youtube

Click here for more social media channels.
One part of what makes online communities great is the content generated by the people involved with the scene. South African gaming really needs more regular content creators, and people to support and share this content. We hope we can all make a continuous effort to promote online content.

People to contact on the various gaming platforms to become part of the community:
PC: Elf_ZA, Magoo & CoolGuy.
PS4: VMan2326 & Chaos_NJ
Xbox: GlennZA & THEED3
Switch: David_de_Freitas – Friend Code: SW-0006-9785-8506

If you have any more questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. A huge shoutout to all the players who have provided us with their valuable input. We hope this guide can make it easier to understand and follow the South African Rocket League scene.


This is an updated version of the article we wrote in 2018.