Magoo, RLX Writer & Proofreader

The Need Boost! Workshop is hosted by Dane ‘Magoo’ Carpenter and is open to all South African Rocket League players. This first instalment will be catering to Diamond and Champion ranked players who are struggling to break into or maintain their Champion rank. Joining me, to help and advise, will be VS Gaming Championship winner and Season 8+9 Grand Champion, Gareth ‘Snowyy’ Spiers!

Only 5 spots are available!


Need Boost! Workshop – 29 October, 7pm – 9pm

Focus points:


–          Basic and conservative rotation

–          Buying time on defence

–          Keeping offensive pressure


Basic Passing

–          Waiting for passes in open spaces

–          Blind and infield passing

–          Effective centring


Boost Conservation

–          Using small boost pads efficiently

–          Keeping offence with minimal boost

–          Boost starving


Mechanical Ability

–          Backboard clears

–          50/50s

–          Shooting straight


Contact me (Magoo) via:

Steam: /id/2magoo4u

Twitter: @MagooDane

Discord: Magoo ZA#7736