Luke, Co-owner of RLX

Quick Facts

Name: Dane “Magoo” Carpenter

Age: 23

Occupation: Web developer

Place of residence: Johannesburg, Weltevreden Park

Team: red Neptune (rN)

Current rank: Diamond 3


Map: Mannfield Stormy

Car: Octane

Playlist: 2v2

Pro: Paschy90

Pro team: Mockit EU

SA-opponents: Rocket Éclair

South-African player: Aether

Anime: Koe no Katachi

In-depth discussion

How did you discover Rocket League? Tell me about how and why you founded red Neptune, and how you met your original teammates, wagter182 and Aether?

I started playing in November 2015 on a recommendation from a friend. I enjoyed Rocket League a lot and found other South African players through Steam. I played a lot of Rocket League with local players and later invited wagter182 and Aether to join my team, red Neptune. This was before DGL (now VS Gaming) had Rocket League tournaments. I played competitive games before Rocket League, so I created red Neptune in the hopes that there would be competitive tournaments in the future. (Spoiler: There were)

You were one of the very first competitive Rocket League players and rN has been one of the top teams since the competitive scene started. How was the early competitive scene compared to what it is now?

It was very different from what it is now. There were basically three teams who were uncontested at the top: (WRG) Rocket Salad (now Rocket Éclair), Dangerkids and red Neptune. Since then, quite a few teams have come out swinging, and we are constantly being surprised by the improvements made amongst them.

You have played with Aether and wagter182 for a long time now. How is your understanding with them in-game?

When wagter182 and I play, we always try to have a lot of fun. We go for freestyles, roof shots and all sorts of other cowboy shenanigans. Aether has been my doubles partner for a very long time. We have played many hundreds of games together and are fully synchronized in 2v2.

What does your role in rN entail?

I started as the captain but handed that role over to wagter182 after I decided to take a break from competitive Rocket League.

red Neptune was one of the first competitive Rocket League teams in South Africa.

What was the reason for the break? How does it feel to be back?

Essentially, I wanted to spend more time with my family, particularly my younger sister. The VS LAN was announced shortly after I decided to take a break and being the largest Rocket League event in South Africa to date, I decided to continue playing in order to participate in the LAN.

rN picked up Grinchmeister and Timmy_JS, who played in Leg 4 to qualify for the LAN. Tell me about why they were picked up?

We wanted to keep the team going after FilthyHobbit retired, so Wagter picked up Grinchmeister and Timmy_JS. I’m not sure where he found them, but I’m really glad that he did. They have adapted to the team very well.

Are you excited for the LAN?

I am extremely excited for the LAN, especially to meet everyone from the other teams. I met Rick ‘Elf_ZA’ Thomas at the 2016 rAge LAN, but I haven’t met anyone else yet.

Has rN decided who will be playing in the LAN?

Magoo, Timmy_JS, GrinchMeister.

How are you preparing for the LAN and what is your goal?

I am playing as much as possible in the competitive tournaments hosted by ACGL and RLX.

My goal is to win! I am confident in our team’s potential.

How do you balance being a competitive player with daily life?

Not very well, I guess. I mostly play during the week (way past my bed-time) and spend time with my family on the weekends.

Describe your playstyle?

I play very aggressively and I take a lot of risks – I rely on my team a lot in this regard. That is why I don’t play much 1v1.

What do you consider your strengths in Rocket League?

I’m a very psychological player. I like making demolition plays and faking out opponents. I’m always trying to get into my opponents minds. (Incoming!)

Describe your mentality when playing competitive Rocket League?

I always play to win, but at the same time, there is no point if I am not having fun.

How do you try to improve your game?

I do a lot of training. At least half my time in-game is spent in training. I used to use a training mod before training packs were introduced – always trying to become the next JHZER. Through the silliness of it all, I am constantly improving my mechanical skill.

You recently finished third in the RLX 1v1 and first in the RLX 2v2. Congratulations! Tell me about the experience of playing in those tournaments?

Thank you! It was great fun. Tournaments like these bring the community together, and they are extremely social events. The players make jokes in-game and on the streams, everyone is friendly and everyone is having fun.

What do you think about the SA community and their friendliness and comradery?

I’ve never experienced this before. We are far fewer in numbers compared to other gaming communities. There were no structures put in place by established organizations for Rocket League, and in the beginning, players had to take it upon themselves individually to bring everyone together. And we did.

Where did the name Magoo come from?

My grandfather calls me Mr. Magoo. He is a cartoon character from the 50’s. He is half-blind and spends a lot of time talking to inanimate objects and getting himself into hilarious troublesome situations.

I always enjoy your name changes on Steam. Magoogle, Magobble-gobble-gobble, Conor Magooger, etc. Why do you change your name so often and what are your favourites?

I just like to have fun with it. I often mix it into films and fairy tales, like “The Emperor’s New Magroove.” Some of my favourites are: “My Glue!” “Magooldilocks” and “Magoooooooooooooooooooo”

“We go for freestyles, roofshots and all sorts of other cowboy shenanigans.”

Mr Magoo, the inspiration for Dane’s username

What do you enjoy outside of Rocket League?

I enjoy watching anime, video editing (author’s note: watch Magoo’s latest montage here), spending time with my family and writing. I am a gamer at heart and am currently looking forward to Borderlands 3 and Far Cry 5.

What are your top 5 games of all time?

Number 1 is obviously Rocket League. And then in no particular order:

  • Far Cry 3
  • Borderlands
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
  • Warframe

What is your opinion on South African servers?

I would like local servers for South Africa, but would not like ranked servers. I do believe that the small player base will be abused by potentially unbeatable European players, as well as a few South African players.

What other games have you played competitively?

I played a lot of first-person shooters games in DGL leagues, such as Battlefield 4, Call of Duty 4, Modern Warfare 2 and Black Ops.

Describe yourself?

I try to be a very friendly person, although I’m not very social. I usually keep to myself but have made a lot of friends through gaming.

Who do you think are the favourites for the LAN?

I don’t believe that there is a favourite team. I would peg the top 3 finishing teams as Rocket Éclair, OK Dangerkids and red Neptune. If each of these teams brings their absolute A-game, it’s going to be an exciting event: all-out war with no guarantees.

Will you play Rocket League competitively after the LAN?

I will continue playing Rocket League, but will be far less involved in the competitive scene.


Shout-out to the community in general, for keeping the scene competitive. Shout-out to my team (including the retired FilthyHobbit), for keeping the game fun. And a special shout-out to the community admins and ambassadors who have been working just as hard as we have been playing – to host tournaments, maintain a social presence and of course, stream and cast Rocket League in South Africa.