Luke, Co-owner of RLX

Quick Facts

Name: Leon “nebby xD a.k.a. li0n_za” Havenga

Age: 26

Occupation: Web developer

Place of residence: Florida Hills, Roodepoort

Team: Team Name

Current rank: Diamond 2


Map: Farmstead

Car: Octane

Playlist: 2v2 (if I have a partner), otherwise Solo Standard

Pro: Deevo

Pro team: Team Envy, NRG

SA-opponents: VxP|Elem3ntriX, red Neptune

South-African player: Elf_ZA

In-depth discussion

Tell me about your early competitive gaming career? What other games have you played competitively?

I played Dota 1, Battlefield, and Call of Duty Black Ops, but I was never very serious about them.

In 2014 I played Dota 2 and reached the Premier division in DGL with cPZ, Rickie and two other friends. We qualified for LAN and ended in fifth place. Our early game was one of the best at rAge in my opinion, but after that we kind of fell apart and other teams were able to beat us. In hindsight, I know what to do now, but back then we didn’t.

How did you discover Rocket League?

I saw Lirik, Shortyyguy, and GiantWaffle playing the game, and thought that it looked cool but that I would get bored of it quite quickly. Later cPZ bought the game and I basically ignored the game at first for a couple of months. When the game was on special I bought it and it was the best money I ever spent.

I regret not buying the game when it launched, I think I might have been much better if I bought it then.

What do you take from other competitive games into Rocket League?  

When I play a game I never forfeit or quit. I always play to improve and feel that winning will come naturally. That mindset helps a lot in Rocket League.

Team Name (formerly Dominus Venatus) finished Leg 4 as the 6th seed for the LAN. How do you feel about that and tell me about your journey to qualify for the LAN?

We had a roster change during the LAN qualification. We didn’t know each other that well and our rotations and trust were lacking. I feel we are quite lucky to be the sixth seed, because we have the better group at LAN. 

I feel we improved a lot as individuals as well as a team.

Why did you choose the name “Team Name”?

I was part of Dominus Venatus, which was created by Supafly before him and his brother moved to iVe. He basically just handed the team to me and I never changed the name. When we qualified for rAge we decided it was time to change the name. I joked that we should name it Team Name, and my teammates agreed that it was a funny name.

nebby xD changed his team’s name to Team Name after they qualified for rAge.

You picked up Delta_Force_ZA and Pixelated after you qualified for the LAN. What was the reason for the change in the roster?

There were some personality clashes in my previous team. It’s very important to enjoy the game with your teammates, so the roster change was done to enjoy Rocket League more. In the end, Rocket League is about having fun, so it was the best option.

Tell me more about your teammates, Pixelated and Delta_Force_ZA? What is your team dynamics like?

I met Pixelated when cPZ and I played online, and cPZ introduced me to Delta_Force_ZA. I asked them to join my team as we stood a very good chance to qualify for rAge.

In the beginning, there was little trust in each other, as we didn’t know each other very well. Our rotation was slow and we played selfish, staying in the attacking half waiting for passes etc.  Now we rotate well and the flow of the game is much better. To keep the rotations going when the pressure is high is our challenge at the moment.

There was some controversy with your team’s qualification for the LAN. Some members of the community accused RiX of letting someone play on his account. What is your response to those accusations? 

I don’t have much to say. I was with RiX on Discord for all the matches and there wasn’t anything out of the ordinary going on, at least not what I noticed. If there is any proof of it I would love to see it because I was also made aware of these allegations but no one spoke to me about it.

What excites you the most about the LAN?

Making lobbies with the community members and playing 3v3 on the new LAN feature excites me!

How are you preparing for the LAN and what is your goal?

We are playing ACGL and other tournaments online. We mostly play ranked to get our rotations working optimally. If we can do that, I think we can end top 4.

How do you feel about your group at the LAN?

I feel we are lucky to be in this group. I think Rocket Éclair will finish first in our group and ourselves and VxP will fight for the second and third place.

How do you balance being a competitive player with daily life?

I mostly play in the evening after my daily activities are done, and then not too late as I have to go to work the next day. That is probably the same as most people in the community.

Describe your playstyle?

I see myself as an all-rounder. I am not overly aggressive, but I am also not very defensive.

What do you consider your strengths in Rocket League?

Powershots and being a balanced player.

What is the most important thing you have learned in playing competitive Rocket League?

To stay calm when the pressure is high and to trust my teammates.

What were your “lows” in Rocket League?

During this season’s recalibration playing Solo Standard. The community that forfeits after one goal has been scored gets on my nerves. This happened to me four times in a row, where the person votes to forfeit and leaves the match. It made me furious and I wanted to stop playing for a few days. But normally Rocket League is a much calmer game when I compare it to Dota 2. I get much angrier when playing Dota 2.

How do you handle the “lows” in Rocket League?

I stop playing for a certain amount of time. If I play ranked and lose two games in a row, I take a break until I feel better.

What were your “highs” in Rocket League?

When I first learned to fly and then to fly and hit the ball! The game become much more difficult and rewarding after that. But to be accurate and consistent was difficult after learning to fly.

Do you enjoy playing ranked games?

I mostly play Solo Standard now in preparation for rAge when my teammates can’t train. Otherwise, I play with friends, but mostly unranked. So it’s always a struggle at the end of the season to get my rewards!

Describe your and your team’s mentality when playing competitive Rocket League?

We aren’t really very serious. That will probably be different at rAge. As long as we have fun it’s alright, we play to have fun. It was never my expectations to go to rAge for Rocket League, it just happened.

How do you try to improve your game?

I watch a lot of streams and try to emulate what the pro’s do. I look at their rotations and try to play faster, not hanging around when I can’t get a good touch.

What do you enjoy outside of Rocket League?

I enjoy playing other games, I am currently playing Divinity Original Sin 2. I enjoy spending time with friends and braaing. And Coke (author’s note: Coca-Cola, not the drug).


“We aren’t really very serious. That will probably be different at rAge.”

What are your top 5 games of all time?

In no particular order:

  • Rocket League
  • Divinity Original Sin 2
  • Dota 2
  • Ori and the Blind Forest
  • Earthworm Jim

Describe yourself?

I am not a serious person, I make a lot of jokes. There are very few people I don’t get along with. 

Who do you think are the favourites for the LAN?

Rocket Éclair, but I hope they don’t win. They are too comfortable and don’t work as hard anymore. They have become like Bravado from Dota 2: just pitch up and win.

Will you still play after Rocket League competitively after the LAN?

Yes, probably. Rocket League doesn’t take up that much time.

Do you enjoy the South African Rocket League community?

Everyone is very nice, except cPZ.

I get frustrated sometimes when the community gets vocal about local servers, especially since Psyonix explicitly stated that they are waiting for more providers which will happen in 2018. I feel we should just relax and be calm until then. If they don’t communicate anything in 2018 we can be vocal again.

Having said that, the community really is very friendly.