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Quick Facts

Name: Stefano ‘Nianfo’ Batazzi

Age: 24

Place of work: French Embassy

Current Rank: Champion 1

Team: Rocket Éclair

Started Playing: Roughly 2 years ago


Playlist: 2v2

Car: Dominus GT

Map: Wasteland Night

Pro: GarretG

Pro Team: Rogue

Opponents: OK-dangerkids

SA player: Elf_ZA

Food: Sushi

Way to Score: Redirects


In-depth discussion

Do you play any other games? Which have been your favourites over the years?

I’m a PUBG addict, having reached top 100 rank in EU, and a casual Hearth Stone player.  

How did you get the name Nianfo?

I was a part of a monastery/Buddhist temple when I was 19. They gave me the nickname ‘Nianfo’ which means ‘mindfulness’ in Chinese.

Describe yourself in 5 words:

Mindful, Competitive, Fun, Social-butterfly, Lazy.

What other hobbies do you engage in other than gaming?

I enjoy biking and spending time with my girlfriend.

So how do you balance competitive gaming and life?

It’s not easy, but I have to schedule my time for work, gaming/streaming and my girlfriend during the week. On weekends I just YOLO it.

Nianfo likes to spend time with his girlfriend.

You recently finished first in the RLX 1v1 and second in the RLX 2v2, congratulations! In your experience, what did you think of these events?

They were very good. Very professional and well-organised. I’m looking forward to attending more of them.

Describe your play-style to me:

I’m an all-rounder. My playstyle always depends on the situation at hand.

How and when did your team meet, and where did you get the name?

I met Elf_ZA and Ulturism through the Telkom Digital Gaming League match-making, and cPZ literally begged us to let him join. He was better than Ulturism so we eventually gave in and let him join 😉

Describe your team’s play-style to me:

We’re very good when we have momentum but really bad when we lose it. We like to boost-starve and keep constant pressure on the opponents’ side of the field.

Congratulations on making it to the VS LAN championship! How do you feel about the big weekend?

Thanks! We’re extremely excited to play at rAge, and to see what lallthe teams can bring to the table. I am also very excited to meet other South African Rocket League players.

“I’m an all-rounder. My playstyle always depends on the situation at hand”

Who will be in the team?

Nianfo, Elf_ZA, cPZ

Who is your favourite and who is your underdog for the VS LAN?

Favourite is red Neptune and underdog is iVe-Aerial Flops.

Are you guys doing anything, in particular, to prepare for the LAN?

We’ve played more games together this week than the rest of the year, haha. We’ve been practicing a lot as a team so that we will be at our peak in synergy when the LAN comes.

Any shoutouts?

Shoutout to RLX for what they are doing for the community. They’re really doing a great job and I have a dream that they will one day surpass VS Gaming as a South African Gaming organisation!