We sat down with the well-spoken

WesSuperman for an interesting discussion

dfthaman, Co-owner of RLX

Quick Facts

Name: Wesley

Clan: Innovation Esports.

Team: iVe-Aerial Flops.

Favourite new feature in the Autumn update: LAN capability – big change for local competition; and the fact that Psyonix is starting to pave the way for cross-party capability.

Favourite Pro: Rizzo.

Subscribed channels: JHZER, JohnnyBoi_i and Rizzo.

Favourite Pro Team:  G2 Esports.

Current Rank: Diamond 2 Division 2.

Age: 34.

Favourite opponents: VxP | Elem3ntriX, red Neptune & OK-dangerkids.

Favourite SA player: Elf_ZA. He helped us in the beginning when we were complete potatoes. I was a Premier Division player in Battlefield 4 (VS Gaming, previously Telkom DGL) and then met Elf and cPZ in the beginning of the year.

Favourite food: Mom’s food – everything and anything with butter and sugar.

Favourite way to score a goal: It is actually very satisfying for me to setup the goals; I like to provide good passes for someone to cherry-pick into the goal.

Favourite playlist: 3v3.

Family status: Happily married. Adoptive father.

In-depth discussion

Describe yourself in 5 words?
Honest, friendly, team-player, family-man & Christian.

What work do you do?
Film completion guarantees – we look after investors’ money in the film industry to ensure the projects that they invest in are completed on time. My hobby job is that I am a high-performance driving instructor (but you will see me online more often than doing that).

That is an interesting hobby job?
I raced motorbikes and go-karts as a kid. And I’ve gotten to drive some really nice cars on some really nice racetracks. I also worked at the recent motor show in Johannesburg.

What hobbies do you engage in other than Rocket League?
I play golf – I am a very keen golfer (lowest handicap is 6); fishing – I actually went to Mozambique for deep-sea fishing and I used to play provincial indoor/outdoor cricket.

How do you balance competitive gaming and life?
My wife says I don’t.

Enough said.

Wesley’s handiwork if you give him 5 minutes in Paint.

Define your own style of play in words?
Aggressive, fast, team-player, keyboard & mouse (KB/M).

KB/M? Have you tried switching to a controller like some others have?
I thought about it after 1000 hours. I feel it is too late now and that one can still be a good player with KB/M.

What are some of your strengths as a player?
I am a good passer and I read the game very well. I feel like I have good situational awareness and that I am able to stay calm under pressure.

What are you currently working on to improve?
Mechanical ability. I downloaded a lot of obstacle courses and maps from the Steam Workshop and can already feel an improvement in my mechanical ability in the last few days.

How do you usually warm up before matches?
I like to do workshop maps and there is also a redirect pack from WayProtein (410E-0170-C52F-E8A0) that I also really enjoy.

Do you have any pre-game rituals?
Warm-up for 30 minutes before the time in unranked. This also helps to settle the nerves.

How many hours do you have in the game?
Just over 1400 hours in the game.

Which methods do you find best to learn about the game?
I learn the most watching pros (especially their streams) and the Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS).

Besides iVe-Aerial Flops, which other Rocket League team have you played for?
iVe-Aerial Flops is my first and only Rocket League team to date. I played Battlefield 4 (BF4) for a clan called “UE”. Then I found someone through another clan (ALG) and together we founded Innovation Esports (iVe).

Ah okay, that is cool. Tell me more about iVe the MGO (multi-gaming organization)?
We formed at the end of 2015. We currently have four CSGO teams, one BF4 team, two Overwatch teams, a DOTA 2 team and two Rocket League teams (one incoming in 2018).

You’re an admin as well on iVe; what is your role?
My role as an admin is to introduce new players into the clan, agree and sign constitutions with the new players (rules and behaviours regarding playing for iVe), as well as sort out disputes between teams.

“Communication is key – we trust each other so much nowadays that we don’t even say much during games.”

iVe-Aerial Flops is one of the best teams already in SA and is still working hard to improve even more.

How long has your team been together?
Since leg 2 of VS Gaming – around the 26th May 2017.

How did you all meet?
Supafly played for Dominus Gaming and I offered him a position on the team after I saw that they disbanded; initially, he declined but I planted the seed and a month later it was done and he brought his brother, Reactor, with. He was initially better than me and great at corner-clearing and his reading was excellent on the back-board. He pushed me to a new level and then together we pushed the team to a new level.

Where does the team name come from?
Initially, it made sense because we were so bad that we would flop around in the goals all the time – now it’s a bit of an endearment. We didn’t expect to do so well so quickly.

Define your team’s playstyle.

How do you guys usually prepare for matches?
As a team, we mostly play ranked and try stuff in unranked and try to bring it into ranked. We also work on specific stuff in private lobbies.

The evolution of your team over the past few months?
We learnt a lot from VxP | Elem3ntriX. When they came out of nowhere with their playstyle of boost-starving and demolishing opponents, we decided to incorporate that into our gameplay. They really pushed us to work harder and improve.
We also learnt to trust each other a lot more; defensively we were always weak but that has improved significantly. Communication is key – we trust each other so much nowadays that we don’t even say much during games.
Lastly, we also worked a lot on clearing balls effectively.

It seems that you guys have been gelling well the last few weeks?
Yes, a lot. Playing against VxP motivated us in the right away and that created a new playstyle that suited us better. With that came a new level of confidence.

Congrats on making it to the VS LAN. How do you feel?
I have some mixed emotions – at one stage it looked like we were going to make it and later it didn’t. But we qualified and I am very excited and proud. Also, the support from the clan was awesome.
We have set ourselves a target and we will give it our best shot.

What did you guys do to make it?
We worked hard and played as much as possible. In the last season of VS Gaming we practised 4-5 days per week at minimum. We put in like 300 hours in that last leg.

Who is your favourite and who is your underdog for the VS LAN?
Rocket Éclair is the favourites – they are pretty much unbeaten in tournament settings.
I think there are two underdog teams – us and VxP.

Any shoutouts?
My teammates for the hard work they have put in; my clan mates for the support they have shown; Elf_ZA for helping to get us started; VxP for giving us some drive; the rest of the players in this small but positive community; as well as local tournaments that helped to grow the scene – I hope I can be one of the guys that can help grow it somehow.