RLX is here!
RLX is here!
RLX is here!

dfthaman, Co-owner of RLX

Hello and welcome everyone 🙂 Today marks the first day that Rocket League Xpress (RLX) is live and available to the World Wide Web! This is a joyous time for us as all the hard work and preparation has taken form.

Right, so “what exactly is RLX?” and “why should I be excited?”, I hear you ask. Please allow me to answer those questions. RLX was created by myself, Daniel Luttig (dfthaman), Lucas Lombard (Luke) and Giulio Solito (CoolGuy). Our aim is to dedicate this website to stimulate growth in the South African Rocket League community. We would like to provide regular tournaments to keep the players active, as well as news to keep everyone engaged and up to date. On this site, you will see several different tournaments, blog articles, interviews with players, Youtube links, event calendars, and much more!

Luke, CoolGuy, and I have been involved in the community for quite some time now, as we are also competitive Rocket League players. Lately, Luke and I have started organising invitational 6-Mans series after realising that this half of the year did not have many competitive tournaments and that there is a real need in the community for high-level and fun private games. We also know that Psyonix, the developers of Rocket League, are actively discussing whether or not we can get local servers (we currently play on EU servers) and that has led us to stream and cast these games to grow interest in the South African scene and help the community to grow.

Our shiny new logo.
“Our aim is to dedicate this website to stimulate growth in the South African Rocket League community.”

Speaking of the community – you guys are awesome! None of this would be possible without your help, support, and availability. We do appreciate your efforts. We hope to see you all participate in future events.
Lastly, we greatly appreciate any donations. Once a donation goal is reached, indicated on the site, we arrange a special tournament with a prize pool.

We hope all of you enjoy this website and that you will just be as active in the comment section here as on our Youtube streams. If you have any questions or want to leave some feedback, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Good luck and have fun!