Luke, Co-owner of RLX

In 2017, RLX set a new standard for South African Rocket League by hosting the first prize pool tournament worth R1100. Various 6-Mans events were also organised by RLX, which were well received by the community. Furthermore, player interviews were published on RLX leading up to rAge 2017, which gave the community a glimpse behind the scenes of some of the best players in South Africa. In 2018, RLX is planning to do more of the same, with some added new surprises as well.

Prize pool tournaments:

RLX will host various prize pool tournaments (the first of which will be announced very soon), with big money prizes up for grabs. Entries to these tournaments will remain free. Players with nerves of steel will be pleased to know that RLX will hold 1v1 prize pool tournaments, while the those who want to rotate their way to victory can do so in 2v2 and 3v3 tournaments.

RLX relies on community donations for prize pools, so if you are feeling generous and would like to contribute to a prize pool, you can donate here.


6-Mans events were a great way to socialise with the community by playing with random teammates and we plan to hold more of these events. In order to play these events, you need to fill in the form here when it goes live.

Backpack tournaments:

A new and interesting initiative we want to try is backpack tournaments. The premise of these events is that a high-level player will team up with a lower level player (randomised by RLX) and compete against similar teams. We hope that this will incentivise lower tier players to enter and stand a chance to win their share of the prize pool.

Restricted tournaments:

Another tournament idea we’ve had for a long time is to hold tournaments that are rank specific. For instance, a tournament for only Gold players will not allow Platinum, Diamond or Champion ranks to enter. By doing this, we hope to grow the community by giving lower ranked players a chance to compete in the later stages of tournaments and get more experience. With Psyonix releasing the Tournament beta in February, we hope to take advantage of this feature in upcoming tournaments.

Interviews and news:

RLX will continue to bring you player interviews and news articles covering major South African tournaments. The first of these interviews will be released this week, featuring the MGMS champions, eXdee Gaming.

Coaching, replay analysis, stats analysis and top 5 goals of the week:

RLX will announce two new coaches this week. Players who would like to improve can make use of these coaches for free. If you are struggling with something specific or just want to improve in general, the coaching feature is there for your perusal.
Exciting announcements regarding replay analysis, stats analysis and goals of the week videos are coming soon!

Thank you for your support in 2017. We hope that you are just as excited about us regarding the expansion of the RLX website and we hope that 2018 will be a great year for South African Rocket League!