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Esports in South Africa is booming and this Saturday, 30 March 2019, earmarks the first live tournament (LAN) of the year for the local Rocket League calendar. This tournament is arranged and hosted by Raving Mad Gamerz (RMGZ), one of SA’s most ambitious tournament organisers, along with Rocket League Xpress, the only dedicated Rocket League initiative in the country who will be doing the commentary during the tournament. For the first time, South Africa will have more than one LAN event for Rocket League within a year, and the first time it is arranged by a tournament organiser other than VS Gaming.

Eight teams consisting of three players each have entered and will be bringing their own computers and peripherals to Emperors Palace in Johannesburg where they will setup in the Nu Metro Gaming area at the Nu Metro Cinemas. Although this tournament would have been broadcasted on television, which would have been a first for Rocket League in South Africa, Psyonix denied this request and we are currently in talks with them to discuss future collaboration options. Despite this, a camera crew will be following the players’ every move on the virtual field, and this action will be streamed live on RMGZ’s Youtube and RLX’s Twitch channels, and later aired online by GINX TV. You can check out some photos of a dry-run event that was held last week here. The official photographers for the event will be Stefan and Simonè from M M Photography. The total prize pool will be a massive R4800 that will be distributed among the first three places, with each of them also receiving a medal. The Most Valuable Player will also receive a reward.

Preparation and a dry-run for the event took place a couple of days ago.

The teams:


The casters/interviewers:

Exdee Gaming will be the hot favourites again, after winning last year’s VS Gaming LAN. However, this is a very stacked tournament and teams such as BerZerk, VIDERE and Levitate will look to surprise everyone on the day. There are also some new teams on the block such as Graphite and Double Clutch, and it will be interesting to keep an eye on their progress. The prize pool breakdown is as follows:

1st – R2700
2nd – R1200 
3rd – R900

Besides just casting the games, we will be interviewing players from the various teams throughout the day which is sure to be very stimulating.

Our special guest for the day, Jordan, a 9-year old boy diagnosed with thyroid cancer.

Furthermore, there will be a very special guest present – Jordan, a 9-year old cancer warrior who will be our VIP for the day and more info on donations to his cause can be found here. He will receive a goody bag from Carfind, which includes tracksuit pants, long sleeve shirt, cap, sweets and a game. His mother will also be interviewed at the event. You too can join in on the fast-paced action by attending the event which starts at 10:00. It will run until about 15:00. Tickets are R75 per person, which include a soft drink and a ticket to enter a lucky draw. Alternatively, you can buy the R150 ticket which grants the same privileges, but also includes a beef/chicken burger and fries. To make sure you are hyped up as much possible for this landmark event, watch the preview video, edited by RMGZ.

We hope to see you all there or chatting to us in the stream!

Big thanks to Dane “Magoo” Carpenter for proofreading the article.