Co-owner of RLX

Thursday 31 August 2017 was truly one of the most epic nights of Rocket League I have ever witnessed. Thanks to a massive community effort, we were able to provide a staggering prize pool of over R1100 for our first 1v1 tournament.

Coupled with the amazing casting talent, two raffles and people watching the stream, we hosted – in my opinion – the biggest and best Rocket League tournament South Africa has ever seen. Thanks to everyone who made this possible.

After the success of our first official 6-Mans event, we decided to follow it up with our first 1v1 tournament that was open to the South African public on PC and PS4. We started off with a R500 prize pool but thanks to amazing donations by the community, we were able to provide a total prize pool of R1121! This is unprecedented in South African Rocket League history.

We had over 33 entries and 25 players ultimately checked in. In a South African context, this was a huge amount of players. Certain brackets were streamed and casted, while others had to play their matches privately. The casters were Elf_ZA, Ulturism, PaPa_Capes and Gavi_G (who was kind enough to be a guest caster). All of the matches were a best-of-3 (BO3) showcase except the Grand Final, which was a BO5.

Our seeding was done using a mathematical formula created by RLX co-owner, Luke, which used your in-game Match Making Rating (MMR) as well as your VS Gaming and ACGL standings, and combined that into a weighted seed. It was evident that this was very accurate with the top players meeting each other in the later rounds. Interestingly though, there was a certain unknown player by the name of Rick James, an enigma of sorts. Legend has it that he was actually playing under a pseudonym to create an upset, but alas, he was knocked out by the eventual winner, Nianfo.

Speaking of Nianfo, he once again showed why many regard him as the best 1v1 player in South Africa (and one of the few who thinks 1v1 is a lot of fun). He had an excellent run to the final where he faced off against young prodigy, NoClip. NoClip has almost 4k hours in Rocket League. When he pops-off with moments of brilliance he is terrifying to play against. The two of them were locked in a very tense and close series that went all the way to game five, which provided a fitting finale to a Rocket League tournament for the ages.

Final results:
1st: Nianfo – congrats to the first ever winner of a RLX 1v1.
2nd: NoClip
3rd: Magoo

We also had two sets of 5 keys to give way – one for a PC player and one for a PS4 player. Everyone who entered the tournament was eligible to win the raffle.
Congratulations to our winners, shwifty (PC) and Agent47 aka Skiiiiilla57 (PS4).
We have already made contact with our winners (tournament and raffle) to provide them with their winnings.

The casting starts at about 11:37.
There is also an interview with the owners of RLX before the Grand Final, as well as an interview with Nianfo at the end.
Here is the Challonge bracket of the evening.

We hope that everyone enjoyed it as much as we did. We also hope that this tournament created an impetus for even more growth in the local scene.
As announced on stream, our next tournament will be a 2v2 open, so grab a friend and rotate your way to victory. We will announce the details soon so keep an eye on our Discord, Twitter and website. A prize pool is already under way and you can help to increase it even more by contributing here.

Hope to see you all in the next one 🙂


I never expected such high quality from you guys so early in your venture, it’s as if you have been doing this for years! And the support from the community is just so awesome to see.

Hey dude, congrats on the awesome tourney last night! The stream and all organisation was :ok_hand: Looking forward to the next one.

Ai maar dit was n EPIC tourni dude, well done.

i am so grateful for the tournament last night and the amazing outcome it brought…hope RLX grows into something as huge as it is in my eyes. Thank you once more. i am very grateful. good night.

Looking forward to the next tournament.

Thanks again for the great evening!