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On 21 September 2017, RLX hosted its first 2v2 tournament, with an astonishing prize pool of R1140. There were once again two raffles of 5 keys up for grabs for a PC and a PS4 player, while two lucky participants also won BadPanda discount coupons.

After RLX’s inaugural 1v1 tournament, players entered in their masses to compete with the best players South Africa has to offer.

The final standings:

1. Zac Efron (Magoo and Timmy_JS)

2. Nianfebra (Nianfo and cPZ)

3. OK- Dangerkids (mOTHER and 1Perry)

Fifteen teams entered the tournament and were in a double elimination bracket, of which 14 teams checked in. The event was casted by Elf_ZA, dfthaman and Ulturism.

The seeds showed their dominance in round 1, with 2-0 wins all roundĀ for Wagmeisters (wagter182 and Grinchmeister), Roblox (NoClip and Lazy), Zac Efron and Counter League Rocket Offensive (Above Average, obesepancake) securing them a round 2 position.

Nianfebra despatched the up-and-coming Panfers (thEN!c and arSon) with a 2-0 win after the previously mentioned put up an excellent display on stream in the first round against Git Gud Booi (Mooiaapie and The Last Templar), while the other seeds also advanced. However, the fourth seed, Wagmesiters, lost to 2-1 to Roblox in a closely fought match.

Nianfebra then made quick work of Roblox to advance to the upper bracket final, while Zac Efron continued their winning streak against second seed OK-Dangerkids.

The upper bracket final was between Zac Efron and Nianfebra, with Magoo and Timmy_JS impressing, pulling off a 2-0 win to advance to the grand final. Nianfebra had to beat OK-Dangerkids in the losers bracket to set up a rematch with Zac Efron, with the daunting task looming of getting a bracket reset.

The grand final was a best of 5 match, which was as exciting as it was stressful, both for the players and the viewers! Nianfebra managed to get a bracket reset, but Zac Efron held their nerve to guarantee a memorable victory.

The casting starts at about 14:44.

Here is the Challonge bracket.