Road to the VS Gaming League LAN Championship

dfthaman, Co-owner of RLX

We are a little less than 2 months away from the highly anticipated the VS Gaming League LAN Championship which will take place from 6-8 October in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Since the beginning of the year, when VS Gaming announced their roadmap to the LAN Championship, the question on many South African players’ lips was – will it be an online championship like usual, or might we actually see it hosted as a live LAN event for Rocket League? While we waited for an answer, we started slogging away in order to at least stand a chance to qualify. We knew that some other titles have their end-of-season championships at rAge, the largest computer and electronics expo in South Africa held every year in Johannesburg,  and there was this hope among us that hopefully we could also present our teams, clans and multi-gaming organisations (MGOs) there.

I contacted rAge to ask about the possibility of hosting a LAN tournament for us. They were kind enough to respond with a proposal – to arrange an unofficial tournament for us and even include prizes. However, this idea incorporated the fact that every team member had to buy a R600 NAG LAN ticket. Couple this with the transport and living cost for the weekend, as well as the possibility that some team members might not be able to acquire a ticket quick enough as they usually get sold within minutes, meant that this idea might not materialise.

Not long after this, one of the admins of VS Gaming first teased us with the possibility of having a live LAN for Rocket League at rAge, and a mere hours after this confirmed it! Everyone was ecstatic. For the first time there will be an actual live tournament for Rocket League in South Africa, with people now having to fly from all over the country vying for the covetous champion spot.

VS admin moonCowsa’s big announcement.

And there you have it ladies and gents! Rocket League’s first live VS Gaming League LAN Championship will be held at rAge Johannesburg from 6-8 October 2017. After asking, hoping, and sweating for this, it has finally happened. I know some teams have been ardently preparing already and will be ready to try their best to go on and win the entire event.

To further hype this, we will do a write-up of one team every week leading up to the VS LAN of the top 8 who have qualified, starting with the 8th seeded team.

“Rocket League’s first live VS Gaming League LAN Championship will be held at rAge Johannesburg from 6-8 October 2017.”

The top 8 teams, in order of the seeding:

  1. Rocket Éclair
  2. OK-dangerkids
  3. VxP | Elem3ntriX
  4. red Neptune
  5. OK-Impulse
  6. Dominus Venatus
  7. iVe-Aerial Flops
  8. Fortitude – Black