Tip of the Day

Tip of the Day: #7

Friendly reminder: Boosting and smurfing is against Rocket League's Code of Conduct/Banning Policy and could result in penalties and/or bans.

Tip of the Day: #6

As a general rule of thumb, one of the first things you would want to do after turning off camera-shake is to turn off vertical sync in your video options. Turning off v-sync may cause a bit of screen tearing but it helps to reduce input lag. Input lag is how long it...

Tip of the Day: #5

Perhaps it is a good idea not to play Ranked when you are tired. When you are tired you struggle to predict the ball, are more prone to make errors, and play more on intuition and auto-pilot rather than reasonable conscious decision-making, which can lead to a...

Tip of the Day: #4

Tip of the Day: #4 If you feel that you are getting tilted, negative, or are on a losing-streak, take a break. Do something else that takes your mind off the game and return later when you are refreshed.

Tip of the Day: #3

Tip of the Day: #3 Do not become toxic or salty during games. It is in the best interest of yourself and your team to try and maintain positivity. Many a game has been won from making a comeback, just because teammates decided not to harass each other.

Tip of the Day: #2

Tip of the Day: #2 Playing with ball-cam on is important, but remember that turning it off occasionally can help you with ball-control (such as when dribbling) or to gain tactical awareness (seeing where your teammates, opponents, and/or boost-pads are).

Tip of the Day: #1

Tip of the Day: #1 For some, changing your controller layout will make playing the game easier. Consider changing air-roll and powerslide to L1/LB and boost to R1/RB.

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