The first-ever Rocket League LAN will kick-off on Friday 6 October at the TicketPro Dome in Northgate, Johannesburg. 8 teams have qualified (as mentioned here). We have compiled a short description of each team, as well as links to interviews with some of the players.

1. Rocket Éclair

Elf | Nianfo| cPZ| Ulturism

Nianfo, cPZ and Elf_ZA has been on the scene since forever. Together they have formed a formidable trio who have only tasted defeat on rare occasions. They have a tendency to boost-starve teams and then throw a constant barrage of attacks at them. This play-them-into-submission-style has worked well for them as they are the first seeded team for the VS Championship at rAge.
Main roster: Nianfo, cPZ, Elf_ZA.
Sub: Ulturism.

2. OK-dangerkids

mOTHER | 1Perry| Lazybutt_Oz| KraiT (co-manager)

Dangerkids is perhaps Rocket Éclair’s biggest threat for the title. They are a team who focuses a lot on strong rotations. They like to play aggressive but are very quick to rotate back as well. They like to have possession of the ball and are most dangerous on the counter-attack.
Main roster: mOTHER, 1Perry, Lay-Z.

3. VxP | Elem3ntriX

dfthaman | Heisenberg_Luke | Papa_Capes | Ninja_Badger_RSA

One of the big underdogs for this year’s championship, Elem3ntriX is the only PS4 team to compete. After a strong finish to Leg 4 of league play, they are hoping to take that momentum into the VS Championship. Their playstyle is very offensive-minded with lots of boost-starving and tactical demolitions of the opponents.
Main roster: dfthaman, Heisenberg_Luke, PaPa_Capes.
Sub: Ninja_Badger_RSA

4. OK-Impulse

NoClip | obesepancake | FluffyKatana | AboveAverage | kaskabiceps | KraiT (manager)

The other team from the OK multi-gaming organisation. In their arsenal they have one of the most mechanically gifted players, NoClip, with about 4000 hours in the game. They are by no means a one-man team, and have worked hard to “gel”.
Main roster: NoClip, AboveAverage, obesepancake.

5. red Neptune

Magoo| Aether | Timmy_JS | wagter182 | GrinchMeister

red Neptune will be playing with a different roster than what we were used to seeing from them in big tournaments. However, this is still a very strong team with a balanced playstyle. Magoo and Timmy_JS’ recent RLX 2v2 win showcased that they also have the synergy and mentality to beat top teams.
Main roster: Magoo, Timmy_JS, Grinchmeister.
Sub: wagter182, Aether.


lion_za | Delta_Force_ZA | Rix | Pixelated

Team Name is also a team that went through some roster changes so they might be quite the surprise package at rAge. They are very organized with good communication, and a lot of emphasis is placed on trusting each other. They did well in the recent ACGL tournaments with good attacking play.

Main roster: Nebby (li0n_za), Delta_Force_ZA, Pixelated.
Sub: Rix

7. iVe - Aerial Flops

WesSuperman |Supafly | Reactor |Fizzian | Silent | BaneWolf101

One of the fastest improving and most hard-working teams in South Africa. They are definitely vying for one of the top spots at rAge. They have incorporated several new facets into their repertoire of skills but still kept their unique identity as a team. They play very aggressively and direct with good rotations.
Main roster: WesSuperman, Reactor, Supafly.

8. Fortitude - Black

teeceekay *1738 | Frag | PwnFlakes | Frostbite | Buff-Bambi | VIKINGarroTz

A group of good friends who recently switched from keyboard to controller. They have adapted well and looked very strong in the pre-rAge games with good synergy and passing plays between them, which makes them dangerous on the offensive. They like to use the back-board to set each other up with passes and they are also mechanically sound in the air.
Main Roster: teeceekay *1738, frag, Pwnflakes.