VS Gaming Stats For Leg 1 (Premier Division)

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VS Gaming is one of South Africa’s biggest esport organisers. For Rocket League, they host a ladder and a league system where players can compete in teams of 3. The league is divided into the Premier Division (highest) and First Division. There are 4 legs, each lasting about a month with a short break in-between. At the end of each leg, the two bottom teams from the two divisions are relegated, with 2 teams from the ladder being promoted to the First Division and two from First Division to the Premier Division. For this article, we will only be looking at the Premier Division’s stats.

At the end of Leg 1, we see Exdee Gaming finishing with an undefeated streak. Team Overlords were also performing well but lost to Exdee Gaming in a close match-up that went all the way to 5 games. Fortitude Black finishes in third with a win/loss ratio of 4-3.  iVe-Aerial Flops and VxP | Elem3ntrix ended with the same score but iVe-Aerial Flops had a higher win percentage, putting them a position higher. VxP | Academy managed to save themselves from relegation by managing an exciting 3-2 win over a strong iVe squad, ending their leg 1 with a 2-5 score.

NE – Novum Excellium and GenX Griffins find themselves at the bottom and will, unfortunately, be relegated to the First Division. Dexterity and Zen Masters are promoted to the Premier Division after their successful top 2 finish in the First Division.

Goals per game from the top 5 players were a close affair but Li0n_za from Team Overlords led the charge with an average of 1.4 goals per game. He has the most goals in Leg 1 as well, sitting at a total of 31 goals with the second best being 28 goals from Pteryx of iVe-Aerial Flops.

In team averages of the same category, it was Exdee Gaming that led the stat sheet sitting at 1.3 goals per game with Team Overlords following a close second with 1.1 goals per game. VxP | Elem3ntriX was third at 0.8 goals per game.

Similar to the previous category, the player stats for shots per game were relatively close to each other. However, it is worth to note that all 3 players from Exdee Gaming appear in the top 5, which speaks about their aggressive playstyle. NoClip comes in 1st with a 3.4 shots per game average shooting a total of 64 shots during the leg. Although he led the category, it was actually Elf from VxP | Elem3ntriX that held the highest shots on goal with a staggering 80 shots.

In team averages, Exdee Gaming again sits at 1st place with 3.1 shots per game. Team Overlords and VxP | Elem3ntriX make up second and third place with an average of 2.8 and 2.6 shots per game, respectively.

In the shooting percentage category, we see Pteryx from iVe-Aerial Flops sit comfortably at the number 1 spot with an outstanding 57.1%. This speaks volumes about the player’s shooting accuracy, able to convert more than half the shots he takes.

Although Pteryx outright dominated the category, his team only managed a shooting percentage of 38.9% which was third during the leg. First place was led by Team Overlords at 40.3% and a close second was Exdee Gaming at 40.2%.

Elf_ZA from VxP | Elem3ntriX cements himself as one of the better defensive players in the league with a 1.6 saves per game average during the leg. He made a total of 39 saves, which was the highest in the leg and his teammate, Luke, had the second highest with a total of 36 saves.

Following suit, VxP | Elem3ntriX had the highest saves per game average at 1.3 with Team Overlords and GenX Griffins tied for second place with a 1.2 team average.

*Update: After it was brought to our attention and some careful consideration, we realised that Snowyy from Team Overlords should’ve placed first in the Assist category with 1.4 per game. We apologise for the accidental omission. Thank you – we encourage the community to assist us in this regard by making sure the stats are correct 🙂

Timmy_JS from Exdee Gaming shows his selfless playstyle by being the playmaker of the team with 1.2 assists per game average with a total assist count of 22. Following a close second is Superman from iVe-Aerial Flops with 1 assist per game and a total assist count of 19 for the leg.

As a team, Team Overlords sits at first place for assists with an average of 1 assist per game. Exdee Gaming takes second place with a total assist per game of 0.8 and iVe-Aerial Flops with 0.5.

It should come as no surprise that the best team of Leg 1 was none other than Exdee Gaming. Offensively they are an extremely dangerous as can be seen by shooting and scoring the most out of all the teams, with a solid defense to back them, conceding the least amount of goals of all the teams. Take a look at the rest of their stat sheet.

That concludes the statistics. As mentioned previously, it is a requirement by VS Gaming for all teams (ladder & league) to upload all screenshots of their games to the match page. There is currently a bug on their site where if you upload all screenshots at once, it only uploads 2. So a safe workaround is to upload each one individually. This will ensure that we are able to provide thorough and accurate statistics, and also include both divisions in the next article.
All the best with Leg 2!