VS Gaming Stats For Leg 2 (Premier & First Division)

Lay-Z, Resident Memer & The Stats Guy

The VS Gaming Leg 2 Statistics are now available in the video below. I have included both the Premier and First Division’s statistics. If you missed Leg 1’s stats, you can catch up here.

Premier Division: Final Standings (Leg 2)

Quite surprisingly, eXdee Gaming didn’t top the log this leg, but rather Berzerk Gaming (previously Team Overlords) that pips them to the top spot. Unfortunately, the two bottom teams get relegated and this time it was Vexxed Phoenix’s Academy team as well as Zen Masters that will attempt to fight their way back from the First Division in the next leg.

First Division: Final Standings (Leg 2)

New organisation, Wolf Star Gaming’s team Sirius, spearheaded by the legendary PaPa_Capes, tops the table quite convincingly, 4 points ahead of their nearest competitor, NiBBLE’s Cubic eSports. Both of them gets promoted to the Premier Division while FS3 (Previously Dragon OreGairu Art) are relegated and GenX Griffins disband. From the ladder, Untitled and Mellow eSports are promoted to the First Division for Leg 3.

That concludes the statistics for Leg 2.
All the best with Leg 3 and remember to upload all screenshots on the match page after every game so that we can have the most accurate stats possible!

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